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School Provider Arm

School Provider Arm

By working in partnership with Salford City Council we have developed the Salford School Provider Arm (SPA) and undertake a co-ordinating role for school improvement within Salford. This offer can be extended to other Local Authorities and provides support and guidance on a range of issues.

By supporting the development of school leadership we have demonstrated our ability to empower schools and so provide sustainable improvements. By undertaking the work in a sensitive and supportive manner - whilst also ensuring that difficult and challenging tasks are undertaken - we have developed a highly effective improvement package.





The packages include:

• Whole school investigation and diagnostic to produce a report to give an objective view of what the evidence is saying.

• Faculty/Department investigation and diagnostic

• Middle level leadership peer mentoring

• Teaching and Learning - Basic lesson study model

• Effective use of data

• Analysis and presentation of performance data

• Sharing Best Practice - Whole faculty/department immersion into a department

What the SPA will facilitate/Bespoke Packages

The School Provider Arm will facilitate:

• Coordination of departmental networks for all EBACC subjects plus Behaviour and Attendance (additional charges apply for follow up subject specific training events)

• Sharing of best practice

• Bespoke support during inspection if capacity allows

• The provision of information which will help Headteachers benchmark their performance to share with governors if appropriate

The School Provider Arm will look to source support from a number of providers, where possible we will use Salford Schools. Support will be commissioned by the School Provider Arm from schools and individuals with a proven track record of outstanding practice. In most cases those providing support will have some external validation such as:

• An outstanding judgement at their most recent Ofsted inspection

• Be an accredited inspector

• NLE, LLE or SLE status

• A proven track record for supporting other schools

• Delivery of good/outstanding progress if supporting English or Maths.

Bespoke whole school improvement offers are also available which include deployment of Local Leaders of Education (LLE) and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE). LLEs and SLEs are available to support your school on its improvement journey.

For further information and prices please contact:

Mrs Tracey Withers
Senior Leader Administration

Email: tracey.withers@salford.gov.uk

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