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St Patrick’s School Improvement and CPD Offer

EBacc Package 21/22

We are very pleased to offer our EBacc Package for 21/22 which includes a combined programme of Live Webinars and Network Meetings across the year.

The 21/22 package has been redesigned and will incorporate post COVID content, the Live Webinars will be comprised of research-led sessions with Subject Specialists led by SLEs.

If you would like more information or buy into this package please email:-


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It is the aspiration of St. Patrick’s Teaching School to provide a support mechanism for schools, enabling as many schools as possible to benefit from our Catholic Partnership of Excellence CPD Package. Designated in 2011 we have been outward facing, system leading and sought to use St Patrick’s RC High School to support others.

Services you will receive:

All schools purchasing the SLA will receive one place at the following training sessions at no charge. Further places are available for a charge.

  • Securing Progress in English
  • Securing Progress in Maths
  • Securing Progress in Science
  • Securing Progress in MFL
  • Securing Progress in History
  • Securing Progress in Geography
  • Securing Progress in RE
  • Subject Network Meetings

There will be a 10% discount on all other courses offered by St. Patrick’s Teaching School applicable to Salford schools.

For each subject you buy into you are entitled to 2 CPD sessions and 4 Network Meetings. You have the option of selecting from one subject to all six subjects. Please see the charges section for more information.

Additional Offer

The additional offer will provide support and guidance on a range of issues, supporting school improvement, which can be tailored to your school’s needs. This support is available to members at a supplementary charge.

Contact tracey.withers@salford.gov.uk for more information.

Examples of Possible Support:

Examples of possible support include:

  • Bespoke support during Ofsted inspection
  • SIP days
  • HT Performance Management – including support to governors for headteacher performance management
  • Advice on Performance Management
  • Whole School Diagnostic
  • Needs analysis and consultancy on staffing structures and CPD
  • Departmental Diagnostic
  • Pupil Premium Review
  • SENCO Review
  • Immersion Days
  • Joint observation of Teaching & Learning/feedback
  • Joint work scrutiny and planning analysis
  • Supporting Curriculum Development
  • Ofsted Training for whole of SLT
  • Professional Development of Teaching Assistants and Learning Support staff
  • CPD – T & L Programme, Leading with Impact Programme, Senior Leadership Programme
  • NQT Accreditation, Induction and mentor support
  • Initial Teacher Training Programme
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Programme
  • Identification and sharing of best practice using data analysis as a starting point
  • Data support and analysis for all groups of pupils
  • Behaviour Management
  • Safeguarding Audits

Quality Assurance and Standards

We will make sure that the following standards of service are delivered:

  • Training will be provided by individuals/groups specialising in the topic

Where schools purchase additional services:

  • Support will be provided by individuals/schools recognised as demonstrating excellent practice in the specific area
  • Excellent practice will be judged from an external source where possible e.g., Ofsted, NLE, LLE, SLE. Where this isn’t possible providers will be judged as demonstrating excellent practice, an experienced leader with a track record of making improvements or outstanding senior/middle leaders with a particular area of expertise and the skills to develop the leadership capacity of colleagues in similar positions in other schools
  • The scope and content of any support will be agreed with individual schools; providers and the Service Manager at the commencement of all work undertaken and will be reviewed on completion
  • The Service Manager will undertake a regular review of the performance of all providers. All work will be quality assured by the Service Manager who will ensure that failings by the provider are suitably addressed
  • Schools will be provided with a schedule identifying the support to be delivered and the delivery timescales

Terms of Payment

The charge for the period 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020 will be invoiced in advance and should be settled within 28 days.

  • Cost for one subject £300 per year
  • Cost for two subjects £575 per year
  • Bespoke CPD for full EBacc package (including 6 EBacc subjects) £1500 per year


Resolution of Disputes

We are committed to delivering the highest possible service to ensure that schools are able to work together to provide our young people with the best possible outcomes.

All work will be quality assured but we recognise that things sometimes go wrong. In the first instance please discuss this with the Service Manager who should be able to deal with your concerns.

If you are still not satisfied please contact:

Tracey Withers – Senior Leader Teaching School
St Patrick’s RC High School.
0161 921 2300

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COVID 19 Update - January 2021

School disruption in January: St Patrick’s National Teaching School

With the recent announcement of a national lockdown and news that schools are closed for the majority of students, St Patrick’s National Teaching School will be continuing to support schools (cross-phase) with CPD and school to school support.

  •  CPD sessions for English, Maths, Science, MFL, History and Geography will be available as pre-recorded interactive webinars.
  • Subject Specific Network Meetings will be delivered remotely.
  • NPQSL and NPQML will be delivered remotely (fully booked)
  • Maths Hub Projects will be delivered remotely.
  • NQT CPD events will be delivered remotely.

If you would like further information about any of the events above please email teachingschool.stpats@salford.gov.uk

Stay safe.

For further information and prices please contact:

Tracey Withers
Centre Manager
St Patrick's RC High School
0161 921 2300

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